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We are pleased to announce the opening of our second UK office.

29th November 2017

Adding to our HQ in Kings Cross London, we have opened a second UK hub in Leeds city centre working in cooperation with our partners at the ODI Leeds node.

Leeds has been synonymous with Geolytix from our early days with Blair, Simon and the team being based in the city supporting key clients in-house. With many of our clients having a northern base and with Leeds having a strong network planning background, supported by Leeds University, the city was a natural choice for our UK expansion.

Working with the ODI in their newly transformed space at Munro House (opposite the new Victoria Gate development) has allowed us to expand our reach and make new connections in a modern and dynamic environment.  Our flexible working approach also means all our UK based jobs will now be available in both London and Leeds, including the recently listed Data Analyst and Spatial Data Engineer positions.

Building on our UK office expansion, we look forward to announcing our first overseas office shortly.  In the meantime, feel free to pop by our Leeds office and say hello, the kettle is always on!

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