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A proven, scientific approach to deploying the right brands in the right locations.

  • Produce an integrated optimal network to increase the value from the Mitchells and Butlers annual capital investment plan.
  • Deal with the complexities of 15 brands and their interplay with each other.
  • The ability to run multi-scenarios and incorporate potential new brands.
  • Inclusion of innovative new datasets to drive additional insight.

"Working with Geolytix has allowed us to use complex data combined with our existing knowledge to drive recommendations that make real sense for our business, but also ones that drive value that we wouldn't have discovered ourselves. We have an integrated toolset which enables our analysts to carry out complex queries and our acquisition and development teams to quickly view the potential for a site on a mobile device in any location."

Nick Young, Director of Acquisitions and Estate Strategy

Predicting future revenue potential from new lottery terminals, marketing activity and product innovations.

  • Understanding the behaviour of existing customers to build a model to predict the future.
  • Understand the effect of demographics and channel at a detailed level.
  • Develop on a platform that will provide in field analytics and mobile data capture, in order to futureproof processes and accuracy.

"GEOLYTIX have transformed our location planning capability and have been fundamental in supporting our goal of unlocking opportunities for growth, optimising our ever changing retail network and further influencing channel strategies. They have absolutely enabled us to make better decisions where location matters."

Paul Clarke, Retail Planning Manager

Improving the efficiency of the Catchment Strategy Review Process.

  • Our job was to focus on the process, rather than the modelling which John Lewis carry out in-house.
  • Automate all steps in the process – as few clicks as possible.
  • Include geodata to improve the system.
  • Allow multiple strategic scenarios to be carried out more quickly, including the addition of click and collect locations.

"The GEOLYTIX team were able to provide a bespoke solution that worked for us, rather than an off-the-shelf product. Simon went the extra mile and worked closely with us resulting in a significant improvement in efficiency, allowing multiple multi-channel strategy scenarios to be reviewed."

Michael Flood, Strategic Customer Analysis Manager

Supporting On The Market to deliver a web search tool that provides the right properties to view.

  • Provide town and suburb boundaries that reflect where people want to live.
  • Support in creating a search hierarchy that covers all options for users.
  • Provide an accurate Point of Interest dataset to describe the provision in an area e.g. schools, public transport, supermarkets.

"The GEOLYTIX team worked with us to understand our needs and provide accurate data that successfully reflects the areas where people want to search for property. Furthermore they supported our technical team with valuable advice, supporting us in delivering to tight timescales."

Morgan Ross, IT Director

Understanding the drivers of store performance, and to use this to develop a blueprint for expansion of the stores network across the UK.

  • In depth analysis of store data to build understanding of branch catchment areas.
  • Identification of the key factors which drive branch performance – both at the macro (market) level and at the micro (location specific) level.
  • Development of a unique, bespoke database of all trade parks in the UK, each ranked according to it’s suitability for a new Arco store.
  • Identification of the best opportunities for new branch openings, in terms of both the markets to enter and the trade parks on which to locate.

"The GEOLYTIX team worked closely with us to help us to understand our trade customers and stores. Their insight has identified the growth potential for our retail business, and a detailed blueprint to guide our strategic investments as we develop our branch portfolio."

Paul Frewin, Divisional Director - Retail

Understanding the size of the opportunity for new gym locations.

  • Determining the best locations for the next Total Fitness gyms.
  • Understand the true customer profiles and catchments for specific location types.
  • Understand the size of the opportunity and how this affects market share and access to potential customers.

"The work by GEOLYTIX quickly allowed us to understand the potential for increasing our market share and how we could best achieve this. They have given us the insight to support our strategic decision making in order to push our business forward."

Richard Millman, CEO

A complete overhaul of new store forecasting processes and new space strategy.

  • Business Requirements & IT Systems Design Review.
  • Forecasting Models Development– User front end to drive efficiency.
  • Team coaching and mentoring.

"The data & modelling will drive an increase in our forecasting accuracy, bespoke software development makes us more efficient. Just as importantly, GEOLYTIX have mentored and up-skilled the team. The work we have done with GEOLYTIX has shaped our strategy and enabled us to reach a space growth plan we are confident about. GEOLYTIX are helping us to invest wisely."

David Dodd, Market Strategy Manager

Understanding the optimum number of branches and the right locations.

  • Understanding Demand, Success and Channel Drivers.
  • Learn from the previous branch merger programme.
  • Understanding the effect of a physical Store.
  • Determine the micro factors that drive more customers into branch.
  • Create the optimum network of stores and strategy for the existing estate.

"GEOLYTIX helped us overlay a scientific approach onto a robust location planning framework, working with our finance and regional teams to advise on an optimum network. Understanding the effect of any individual merger on the existing estate was essential for our decision making processes. GEOLYTIX was able to provide both the big picture thinking alongside the detailed evidence."

Philip Calcutt, Senior Marketing Manager

Support a step change in the roll-out of the Food estate. Understand the drivers of performance for the Clothing & Home estate and recommend the optimum network blueprint.

  • Create an efficient selection & sales forecasting process, based on a rigorous, objective fact base and a consistent approach.
  • Understand the drivers and catchments of the Clothing & Home estate, in order to build optimal networks.
  • Integrate custom models with existing data and software to create the M&S modelling toolkit.
  • Bulk run multiple national and regional scenarios to guide network strategy and create future blueprints.

"GEOLYTIX have worked with us to create a bespoke toolset enabling us to proactively set our strategy and quickly answer any What if scenarios. Their analysis and recommendations have provided us with a consistent evidence base from which to make our network decisions."

Robert Morray, Head of Location Planning

Support the Dominos strategy to be the number one pizza company in each neighbourhood with a focus on franchisee profitability.

  • Understand the true drivers of store performance & the impact on nearby stores of opening new sites.
  • Predict new store sales and cannibalisation using a consistent, transparent fact base and model.
  • Improve the efficiency of the store forecasting process to allow more time for the value-add.
  • Deliver the ideal network blueprint and optimum network strategy.

"Our work with GEOLYTIX has enabled us to form a consistent approach to new site forecasting, step changing our understanding of customers catchments and improving our ability to understand regional and store performance. The collaborative approach has resulted in us being able to make decisions around our future location strategy and form ideal network blueprints with significantly increased confidence.”

Craig Donnellan, Head of Location Planning


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