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Scotland's Census 2022

Scotland's Census Day is 20 March 2022.

18th March 2022

The census is a snapshot of the nation, it will give an official count of every person and household in the country. Originally planned for 2021, same as England, Wales and Northern Ireland but due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic it was delayed to 2022. Census day for Scotland is Sunday 20th March 2022 but you can complete your response now.

Last year Blair shared what the purpose of the census is, why it's important and why it should be filled in by everyone, why we are excited about the census and how at GEOLYTIX we use the census. You can read the answers to all of those questions here.

GEOLYTIX will absolutely be processing the Scotland 2022 census and releasing it as open data in a single easy-to-use flat file. Between now and the Scotland results being published, the England, Wales and Northern Ireland 2021 census will be released which we will of course be processing and releasing in a user friendly format as soon as possible.

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